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What to Expect

All patients have different needs, therefore it is important to always follow the treating physicians instructions regarding recommended post-procedure activity. Download the Post-Procedure Care Guidelines to learn more about what to expect.


Is hospital overnight stay required?

No, the Vertiflex Procedure is done in an outpatient setting which means you can go home the same day of the procedure. We recommend having someone accompany you after the procedure.

Will I go under general anesthesia?

Anesthesia can differ from patient to patient depending on patient needs, but general anesthesia is not required for the Vertiflex Procedure.

How do I care for the incision site post-procedure?

Most incision site wounds should be kept clean and dry until the first follow-up visit, usually 7 to 14 days after having the procedure.

Are there any restrictions to activity?

It’s recommended that for 6 weeks after the procedure, limit all strenuous activity including:

  • Lifting any weight over 10 pounds.
  • Any large bending of the spine, especially twisting.
  • Strenuous activity such as swimming, golf, tennis, racquetball, running, jogging or sexual activity.
  • Light activity, such as walking, as tolerated.

I still have pain at the surgical site, is that normal?

The surgical site may be sore for some days following the procedure. If you are experiencing any changes such as redness, bleeding or swelling, report to your treating physician during your follow-up visit usually scheduled 7-14 days after having the procedure.

Is this procedure Medicare approved?

The Vertiflex Procedure is covered by Medicare in all 50 states. Some regions administer their Medicare benefits through “Medicare replacement” plans or “Medicare Advantage” plans. For these plans, you will want to verify coverage. For instances in which the procedure is not covered in these managed care plans, or in other commercial insurance plans,  a prior authorization request may allow you to access the procedure.

Patient Testimonials

What were your symptoms? I was unable to do my exercise classes, which I love. It got to the point that I was unable to lift my leg to put my pants on.

How was your experience with the procedure? The day of my procedure when I left the recovery room my husband and I went to visit the butterfly park in Scottsdale. I felt happy and walked around without any problems.

How are you now? My leg pains are showing signs of improving without the shooting pain down to my heel in the left leg.

Gloria, 75

What were your symptoms? I couldn’t walk any distance, I couldn’t walk up stairs or stand for more than two minutes at a time. I was walking with a cane and using a wheelchair at the end. I couldn’t lift anything heavy, it was bad.

How was your experience with the procedure? The procedure went very well. All of the personnel were caring and professional. My wife is a retired Neuro Operating Room RN and she was very pleased with how things went. It was better than expected at the hospital.

How are you now? Afterwards I was able to milk it for about a week before getting called out by my wife! Ha! My biggest problem was trying to not do too much to heal.

Bill, 77

What were your symptoms? My stenosis caused me to walk bent over, have severe sciatica pain in my legs, and prevent me from walking more than one hundred feet without having to sit down before moving on.

How was your experience with the procedure? Surprisingly easy and painless.

How are you now? The surprising thing was that the operation was pain-free and uncomplicated.

Paul, 76

What were your symptoms? I got so that I couldn’t function well. I was not walking much and had to sit for long periods of time.

How was your experience with the procedure? It was great, the incision is neat and perfect. It was good experience over all.

How are you now?I get a little bit better every day. My daughter was here from out of town and we were able to walk through the mall, though I was tired after that, the pain in my tailbone and leg wasn’t there.

Donna, 76

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